Revolution of Corporate Training

Knowledge, learning and further education are the key success factors of the future. Revolutionize the culture of knowledge and training in your organization with PAPAGEI digital learning solutions based on the latest findings in learning science. You will find highly efficient training courses with guaranteed learning success, from video-based online language courses, professional training in a wide range of industries up to systematic skills training and legally recognised obligatory trainings. We are your upskilling-as-a-service platform helping you to solve every barrier between today and the future of work. Learning in the flow of work – starts today.

Next Level Employee development

You can bundle your entire training management on a single platform with our customizable Mobile Academy. Even your pre-existing training content can be integrated easily. Start now with the next level of employee training!

Your complete Mobile Learning package

Your customized learning platform

Your employees train autonomously on your customized company channel – in the APP, on the PC or with blended learning.

Online course catalogs

With > 900 certified online courses, we enable you to support your employees flexible, focused and successful in their trainings.

Individual Content & Production

We can help you turn old-fashioned classroom training into interactive, video-based online courses within days.

Consulting & Support

Our change consulting offers solutions for onboarding tools, video help center, live support for learners and more.

Your advantages

Discover how to develop your employees’ skills in a focused, efficient and sustainable way

Best learning technology

Interactive videos with integrated learning tools are state-of-the-art in learning research.

Video Limbic Learning

The principle of the Video Limbic Learning method enables a high level of motivation and sustainable training results.

Blended Learning

Integrate the digital learning world with interactive video lessons and analog classroom trainings.

Individual production

Innovative and fast conversion of face-to-face trainings into interactive online training sessions.

> 900 courses

You can choose the right training for your employees out of > 900 available online courses on our platform.


Certificates and regular company reports are available any time you require information.

Games & Exercises

Trainings are packed with games, digital lookups, interactive quizzes and learning tools.

Ease of use

The learning platform is also easy and intuitive to use either as app, on the PC or via the tablet.

Multiple awards

The European wide unique and interactive video-learning technology has been awarded nationally and internationally.

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