We are on fire for technology-driven knowledge transfer and for making people enjoy learning. Our mission is to revolutionize the knowledge culture in companies and institutions. With the PAPAGEI learning environment, we have succeeded in designing knowledge transfer, learning and coaching in professional, private and school contexts in such a way that successes can be felt directly, videos and animations make even dry content attractive and training can be integrated into everyday life in a mobile and flexible way at any time – in line with our motto: Learning in the flow of work! In the meantime, we have outgrown our start-up age and have retained our pioneering spirit and innovative spirit, as well as our demands for quality, flexibility and speed in the implementation of our customer projects.



Digital knowledge transfer has long since moved on from professional training and further education to the private sphere. Online courses, video tutorials and digital knowledge nuggets are increasingly becoming the preferred form of acquiring knowledge in private life as well. With the acquisition of PAPAGEI – digital learning solutions by the  Weltbild D2C Group, we are expanding our product and service portfolio to include the consumer segment. As a digital enabler within the Weltbild Group, we support brands such as Weltbild, tausendkind, Gärtner Pötschke or Orbisana in the digitization of advice knowledge and the expansion of their digital product range from online courses to podcasts and video tutorials.

As D2C digital GmbH, we are now part of the Weltbild D2C Group. At the same time, as usual, we offer our many years of experience in the production and provision of e-learning content, our Learning Experience platform, and our broad expertise in corporate training and continuing education to our corporate customers under the PAPAGEI brand. We are convinced that both product segments can only benefit from the interconnection of the requirements for a good learning experience for users from the B2B and the B2C market.



With the change of name to PAPAGEI – digital learning solutions, we have sharpened our brand profile within the Trenkwalder Group with a focus on our learning expertise. We accompany our customers as a reliable partner in their corporate education projects, as well as in EdTech and EdChange projects. Our education technology solutions and the know-how of our consulting team support the successful development of innovative digital corporate education projects as well as product and business models in the area of digital learning solutions. With our white label store and app solutions, our customers and partners also market their own trainings to specific target groups – internally within the company or externally to their partners and customers. In doing so, we support the development of the go-to-market strategy and its implementation from market analysis to sales training. EdChange can become a success story, we show you how!



With the acquisition by the Trenkwalder Group, we became part of the corporate group as an innovation driver for e-learning and HR development in February 2018. As part of our strategic development and the scaling of our services, we have evolved from a language learning provider to a 360° e-learning provider. Through the PAPAGEI learning platform, we offer carefully selected e-learning courses for corporate learning, from compliance to mandatory instruction to leadership training – focused, motivating and efficient. Our learning portal has now evolved into a mobile academy, enabling us to offer our customers a complete corporate learning platform from course selection to employee onboarding in just three days.



With the go-live in February 2013, we started under the name “PAPAGEI” as a technology start-up with the idea to establish a completely new type of language learning courses on the market. To this day, our goal is to design a learning environment that not only aims at effective knowledge transfer, but at the same time motivates learners and makes them enjoy learning. With this claim, “Papagei” became a pioneer in video-based language learning. With the support of our learners, customers and experts, we are continuously developing our learning technologies and apps, which have won several national and international awards.