Diversity as a Chance: Designing cultural change actively – together with your employees!

Diversity is no longer a matter of if but rather of how. How do organizations transform themselves to a diverse corporate culture – and in an authentic way that their established employees understand and embrace this change? The requirements vary depending on the industry, the age structure of the teams and the geographic location. HR managers are faced with the challenge of developing solutions that effect real change and enable all employees to deal with diversity without fear, confidently and self-assuredly, and to recognize and “live” the strengths of diversity for themselves and for the organization. Awareness, understanding, and action are three powerful allies in change processes. Cultural change often fails because of existing patterns of thinking and perception – also called Unconscious Bias. Misjudgement, exclusion, unnoticed belittlement or lack of trust due to – mostly unconscious – prejudices about age, gender, appearance, origin or sexuality are still part of everyday life – not only in a professional context. A first step toward diversity in practice is awareness-raising and education through targeted training.

Raising awareness and sensitivity to unconscious bias through diversity training

Whether a corporation, public authority, medium-sized business, creative industry or start-up, patterns of exclusion or rejection can be found in practically every company. The situations in which unconscious bias comes to light are as varied as the industries and employee structures. With this sensitive topic, a high level of employee acceptance is required to provide effective training that supports real cultural change. We know from brain research that we only learn and transfer into our actions what is personally relevant to us, i.e., what relates to situations that actually occur in the learners’ everyday lives.

Individual eLearning courses, customized for your team

Our individual eLearning productions support our customers in establishing diversity as a lived value in their corporate culture. With our experienced team of experts in neuroscience, communication, didactics, video production, and game and motion design, we support HR managers from the initial needs and situation analysis to the implementation of the finished diversity training in line with the target group.


eLearnings are individually designed considering the latest findings of brain research


Instructional videos, animations, audios, interactive exercises and tests support learning content and learner acceptance

All from one provider:

From the conception of the content to the video production with realistic situations to the provision

In the flow of work:

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