Successful language training with interactive video courses

Appeals so all senses

Visual, listening and reading comprehension with bilingually subtitled learning videos.

More than just a language

Immerse into the language and culture as well as every day and business life of the language you are learning.

All the Skills you need

Interactive language videos, pronunciation exercises, grammar and vocabulary training.

Entertaining and motivating

Interactive learning material and targeted feedback increase motivation and perseverance.

Cost-effective and efficient

Saves 30% of training costs compared to traditional language learning courses.

Learn anywhere and anytime

Flexible and independent training, available for desktop, smartphone or APP.

The right language course for every employee

The right content for every user. Our award-winning education technology transforms four-minute videos into interactive language courses that are available anytime, anywhere. Whether video courses with up to 70 learning hours or highly focused subject courses at all levels, papagei video language learning courses offer the right language training for every employee.

Interactive video language learning courses with over 10,000 learning videos on any device.

From A1 to C2 – oriented to CEFR.