The Future of work starts NOW…

Everyone is talking about “new work” and digital transformation. But what does this mean for companies and organizations? How do you prepare your employees for the “future of work”?


New Work is changing the way we work, the way we interact as a team, and the time and space in which individual employees make their best possible contribution to the success of the company. But the future of work is more than remote work and fast, flexible problem solving. It’s about establishing new structures and forms of collaboration, and at the same time making specialists and managers fit for the new world of work we call New Work. In addition to specialist knowledge and experience, other skills are increasingly coming to the fore that are necessary for employees to keep pace in the new world of work. These include digital know-how, analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as an active learning culture, resilience and self-management.

With the Papagei – “New Work & Digitization” package you lay the foundation for successful transformation projects

You want fast and efficient solutions? Our “New Work & Digitization” course package for your quick start to corporate training contains 15 carefully selected e-learning courses. The topics are compiled in such a way that every employee, from trainee to manager, benefits and acquires precisely the methods, tools and skills that an organization needs to successfully position itself for the future in the “New Normal”.

Shaping Transformation: With selected skills you make your team fit for New Work

Developed according to the latest findings in learning research and efficient didactic concepts

Available directly through the PAPAGEI learning environment without technical implementation effort

Work-life-learning balance: learning when, where and how it fits into everyday life

Course content at a glance

  • Agile Work
  • Digital Mindset
  • Managing Change Successfully
  • New Work
  • Avoid communication traps
  • Strengthen personal responsibility
  • Staying calm under stress
  • Living innovation
  • Agile methods – Kanban & Co.
  • Design Thinking
  • Increase effectiveness
  • Managing projects
  • Leading Simple – How do I lead myself?
  • Promoting Teamwork
  • From employee to leader

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